Success Rates

Regarding year 2012, no IVF cycles were initiated while our reproductive laboratories were remodeled, keeping our laboratories with state of the art technology including incubator and air quality systems.  

Frozen thaw transfer cycle outcomes:

Understanding IVF outcome results and numbers

Reviewing IVF clinic outcome data should be done with a level of understanding of the limits of the data.  Comparisons between clinics can not be completely accurately made because of differences in patient populations seen by each clinic.  Such differences include duration of infertility, amounts of pre-IVF treatments, number of IVF cycles attempted, differences in patients’ ovarian reserve, and how quickly clinics encourage patients to move to IVF.  Also, clinics may differ in the point of decreased ovarian reserve at which patients are no longer allowed to try IVF. 

At AFRM, care is individualized.  We are pleased to help those patients move quickly to IVF who so desire doing so.  Certainly some patients desire to move quickly to IVF, and often due to tubal disease, severe endometriosis, severe male factor, or advancing age and/or declining ovarian reserve, moving quickly to IVF is very appropriate and done. 

One of our fundamental philosophes remains, however, offering cost effective care.  As such, we routinely offer traditional and cost effective controlled ovarian hyperstimulation with intrauterine insemination to many patients.  Some patients desire and can benefit from surgical treatments and not have to do IVF.  Still, moving quickly to IVF may be done as a choice by the patients or because it is the only effective treatment for them. 

And patients with decreased ovarian reserve and/or older age are well counseled as to their options and expected success rates of treatments including IVF.  When the estimated IVF outcomes meets patient expectations, IVF is done then in patients with decreased ovarian reserve as well.

Collectively, our center provides balanced and cost effective care.  So with a balanced approach that is cost effective, that is paced to the clinical needs and choices of each patient, and that achieves many pregnancies with less expensive pre-IVF treatments, we are proud to maintain comparatively very high quality pregnancy rates for our IVF patients.